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Sunday, February 8th, 2009
10:16 pm - Happy Anniversary! Free E.P. in Remembrance of Jules Gabriel Verne!


We were planning on releasing the full length version of Behold the Machine today. But Martin and I decided that we should push the official release date back a few weeks so that we can finish the rest of the planned songs and polish the album in general.

So here is a free E.P., with fully mastered tracks. Most of these tracks will have vocal recordingings, and we still have at least five more to finish before we are ready to share them.

Please let us know what you think?

Vernian Process - Behold the Machine (Vernivarsary Edition EP)

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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
2:22 am - An Age Remembered - A Steampunk Musical Compilation (Volumes 1 and 2)


Disc 1 (Instrumental) / Disc 2 (Vocal):
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Friday, February 3rd, 2006
12:44 pm - *:)


Feb. 9-19 (Dark Feb. 13 & 15)
Ages 21+ with I.D., please.
Doors & Bar Open at 7pm, Show at 8pm
At CELLspace, 2050 Bryant St., San Francisco

Circo Romani is a unique experience that combines
spine-tingling circus acts, live Old World music, side-splitting
antics, heart-melting romance and a delicious four-course
Romani-Gypsy feast to immerse you in the amazing and
mystical world of a traveling Gypsy Circus Troupe.

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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
10:16 pm - Welcome and

Thanks terribly for coming...
theres so much i want to include here but lets take things slowly shall we?

Let us start with the
Vau De Vire Society.


you should know of them already, unless you stumbled in by chance... either way, isnt about time you gave them a(nother?) look? ^_~

upcoming shows are updated on their site, but whos got the time to check? if you hear of something, pipe up. *smile*


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